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AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 CNC Cylinder Head w/ Good Core AMS evo 8cnc head good core

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AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 CNC Cylinder Head w/ Good Core AMS evo 8cnc head good core

The AMS EVO VII/VIII/IX CNC Cylinder Head is the best performing and most developed design on the market. After countless hours of testing we came up with a port design that offers more than just peak flow numbers.

Flow bench numbers don't always tell the whole story. Most vendors just state their peak flow at max lift. Their head may flow 270 CFM at .500 lift but what about flow at lower lifts? The flow at low, mid and high lift has to be balanced a certain way to achieve the most effective power curve. We have developed a CNC program that not only brings consistent performance and quality but also makes the most power of any head that we've ever tested including our old design!

Flow Numbers

Intake: Exhaust:

.050" 61 CFM .050" 44 CFM
.100" 107 CFM .100" 88 CFM
.150" 151 CFM .150" 134 CFM
.200" 189 CFM .200" 193 CFM
.250" 222 CFM .250" 229 CFM
.300" 244 CFM .300" 245 CFM
.350" 258 CFM .350" 249 CFM
.400" 269 CFM .400" 255 CFM
.450" 274 CFM .450" 261 CFM
.500" 277 CFM .500" 265 CFM

*We do flow testing down to .050" because low lift flow and good data resolution are important.


  • Best performing and most developed design on the market
  • CNC ported for optimum flow, performance and consistency across the head
  • +1mm AMS Spec. valves increase flow and performance
  • High heat tolerant Inconel exhaust valves add durability
  • Performance valve springs for maximum performance up to 10,000 rpm
  • Suitable for even aggressive high lift camshafts
  • Precisely hand finished runners, chambers and blending of bowl area
  • Available on a core exchange or for outright purchase
  • Professionally assembled by AMS engine technicians

  • CNC machine ported head with precise hand finishing
  • AMS Spec. 1mm over Inconel exhaust valves
  • AMS Spec. 1mm over stainless steel intake valves
  • GSC beehive valve springs
  • Manganese bronze valve guides

  • Mitsubishi Evolution 7,8,9
  • Fits all USDM, JDM and European Models
Please Note

  • Due to increased runner size the intake manifold gasket must port matched slightly so it does not obstruct airflow

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